Customer Onboarding

Onboarding can be a challenge for B2B SaaS companies that need considerable data to bring a new customer on board. Traditional CRM's are great for tracking your sales funnel but fall short when it comes to implementation.

With engineering already stretched thin, the team is often left to rely on spreadsheets, emails, and attachments to bring on new customers. These tools lead to tasks slipping through the cracks, delays being introduced, and ultimately the experience feels clunky for your users.

Flowdash gives your team the tools they need to track customer onboarding through every stage of the process. Plus, our API makes it easy for your engineering team to push new customers into the pipeline and be notified once onboarding is complete.

Seamlessly Integrate with your Application

Integrating with Flowdash is as simple as sending a Slack alert. Use a single API call to push new clients to your onboarding team. Be notified as each customer progresses through the funnel with custom actions.

Take Control of your Data

Specify precisely the data you need to bring on a new customer and keep your data clean with built-in data types and basic validation. No more messy spreadsheets with malformed data.

Visualize Your Funnel at a Glance

Know exactly where each customer is in your onboarding funnel and who is responsible. Identify bottlenecks and opportunities for process improvements.