Content Moderation

One of the biggest challenges marketplace businesses face is establishing trust in their platforms. When customers trust other members, they happily engage in mutually beneficial transactions. A good experience translates into word of mouth referral, which helps the marketplace flourish.

However, a few bad actors running scams can spread fear and destroy the established trust. Yet, with engineering primarily focused on building the core customer experience, it's far too easy to deprioritize building content moderation flows until it's too late.

Flowdash gives your content moderation team the tools they need to review content that has been flagged as dangerous. Our API requires minimal engineering effort, and actions taken within Flowdash sync automatically with your application.

Human-in-the-loop, Made Easy

Augment your existing machine learning algorithms with humans. Flowdash's API makes it easy to push custom data to a manual review queue.

Say Goodbye to Jumping Between Systems

With custom actions, decisions made within Flowdash sync automatically with your core application. Your team can focus on protecting your users, not juggling multiple tools.

Scale Your Team with Clear Ownership

Know exactly who is reviewing which case. No more duplicated effort and tasks slipping through the cracks.