Claims Processing

Processing insurance claims is tedious and involves reaching out to multiple parties, gathering information from many sources, and ultimately making a decision about whether the claim is valid or not.

Without a scalable platform to track claims throughout the pipeline, the whole process can quickly get out of hand, leading to errors, processing delays, and ultimately unhappy customers.

Flowdash gives insurance teams the tools they need to build, customize, and manage their claim processing workflows.

Never Lose Sight of the Big Picture

Quickly see how many claims are in progress, what's left to do, and who is responsible. No more back-and-forth over email; rest easy knowing nothing will fall through the cracks.

Full Context for Every Claim

No more wondering who made a change. Flowdash maintains a full paper trail every step of the way including what was changed, when, and by whom.

Keep Your Data Clean and Organized

Define exactly the data you need to process a claim. With Flowdash's built-in data types you can say goodbye to accidentally deleted rows and invalid values. Plus, you can add additional fields at any time.