Employee Onboarding

First impressions mean a lot, and when you're welcoming a new teammate to your company you want their first day to be special. But bringing on a new employee isn't easy; it involves many tasks and coordination between multiple people. You want to make sure your new hire has a desk assigned, is enrolled in required training, and has some time set aside to meet their manager (to name a few).

There's nothing worse than showing up for your first day and feeling like your employer forgot about you.

Flowdash helps HR teams take control of their employee onboarding process and ensure every new hire has a memorable experience on their first day.

Everyone on the Same Page

Seamlessly collaborate across HR, IT, and everyone else. Everyone has a clear picture of what's left to do, leaving nothing to slip through the cracks.

Get the Right People on the Job

Use custom actions to automatically assign the right person to each task. No more clunky handoffs; everyone knows what they're responsible for.

Make Their First Day Special

With all the busywork out of the way, give your new hire a high five and celebrate their first day with the team!