Financial Services

Risk Review Queue

As a financial institution, keeping up with fraudsters and bad actors is a never-ending endeavor. New attack vectors require quick changes to how suspicious activity is handled, and many businesses employ a combination of automated and manual reviews. However, implementing new review queues and processes often requires engineering work with long turnaround times, thus exposing the business to monetary risk.

With Flowdash, your risk operations team can create new queues in minutes with no code.

Take Control of your Data

Share exactly the information your risk analysts need to make a decision; no more, no less. Add and remove fields with ease as your risk processes evolve.

Keep Your Application in Sync

Automatically notify your application when an analyst makes a decision in Flowdash. Data flows seamlessly with custom actions; no more jumping between systems.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Your data is encrypted at rest and always transmitted with TLS encryption. Our data centers are monitored 24x7 and include state-of-the-art physical and network security. We also offer an on-premise solution for enterprise customers.