Developers, developers, developers

We designed our product for you.

We get it, building great products is hard. You want to spend your time delivering delightful experiences for your customers that keep them coming back, but a great product is only half of the equation. The best companies couple innovative products with world-class customer service, and your internal teams need effective tools to deliver on that promise. With limited engineering resources, how do you find time for both?

Flowdash helps you spend less time building internal workflows so you can spend more time delighting your customers.

Bring Your Own Schema

Define exactly the data types your team needs to get their job done. Flowdash keeps your data clean so you can say goodbye to CSV imports with malformed data.

Simple and Intuitive API

Get started in minutes. Pushing new tasks is as easy as sending a Slack alert, with a single POST request. Don't believe us? Check out the docs.

Keep Your Application in Sync

Callback your application when actions are taken, keeping your systems in sync. No more jumping between multiple tools.

Empower your Ops Team to Self-Serve

Your ops team can iterate and improve their workflow over time, with no engineering involvement. Get back to delighting your customers.