Keeper Tax

Keeper Tax uses Flowdash to streamline its tax preparation processes.

Keeper Tax
500+ hours
engineering time saved
scale since adopting Flowdash
up to 50%
increase in ops efficiency
Keeper Tax

Keeper Tax is the #1 tax filing software helping gig and creator economy workers identify and maximize tax deductions and write-offs to help plan out finances. During tax season, users can file their taxes directly with the app or they can export their savings report. Keeper Tax has two products: a bookkeeping app for freelancers, and an in-house tax filing product. Operations for their tax filing product rely heavily on Flowdash. We spoke with Keeper Tax's Co-Founder and COO David about their experience using Flowdash.

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The Problem

Running an operationally intense business with limited resources.

Keeper Tax had seen great adoption from its bookkeeping product and was about to launch its tax preparation product. The team was expecting to prepare about 10k tax returns and with a team of only 5 people, operational efficiency was critical. The main bottleneck was a huge checklist that needed to be completed for each return. The team was using Retool for other use cases at that time, so they tried Retool to build the tax filing workflow. They quickly found it difficult to manage different stages in Retool, which also lacks task tracking and other collaboration features. With limited engineering resources, the team didn’t have the capacity to build a custom tool themselves.

The Solution

Keeper Tax developed a fully functional app on Flowdash in a few weeks.

David heard about Flowdash from the YC community. He immediately thought Flowdash could be a perfect solution for their tax-filing workflow. David quickly built a demo, got the team's buy-in, and developed a fully functional app in a few weeks. David later hired an operations manager to run the processes on Flowdash. Since then, Flowdash has been their operational dashboard. Moreover, now the team has much better visibility of their process and performance, and they are able to continue optimizing the workflow with limited engineering involvement. As a result, they’ve been able to increase the team's efficiency without adding new team members.

The Impact

“Flowdash is deeply integrated into our business.”

Today, Keeper Tax runs its tax preparation operations entirely on Flowdash. The team is connecting a user-facing mobile application to Flowdash with our API, keeping their growing operations team (30+) prepared with real-time customer information and tax documents. With countless engineering time saved, the team has been able to focus on the customer experience and building their core product. Building a solution from scratch would have required months of engineering time and taken critical time away from the core product.

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