Flowdash + Notion

Omar Skalli
July 12, 2022

At Flowdash, our mission has always been to make the world more productive by enabling everyone to build software. Since we started our journey almost three years ago, we’ve had the privilege of helping streamline business processes and workflows for companies across a wide array of industries such as fintech, healthcare, and HR. Today, we’re taking the next step to further accelerate our mission and are happy to announce that the Flowdash team has been acquired by Notion.

As we’ve gotten to know Ivan and the Notion team over the past few months, what became clear was how strongly aligned our operating principles and values are, as well as our shared vision to make software toolmaking ubiquitous. We’re excited to contribute our expertise to further realize this vision.

As part of bringing our teams together, we’ve made the difficult decision to shut down the current Flowdash product. We understand moving to a new tool is never easy, so we’re providing current customers until September 30th, 2022 to find an alternative. Our servers will remain operational until then and our team is on standby to help through this transition.

Finally, we wanted to thank everyone who has been a part of the Flowdash community for joining us on this incredible journey. Every customer, employee, investor, and prospect has played a part in shaping our product and culture and we’re forever grateful to each of you for giving us this opportunity to build Flowdash together.

We’re excited to be joining Notion today and to continue building a world where everyone is empowered to create their own tools.

- Nick & Omar