How to build a Teacher Evaluation Workflow

Omar Skalli
January 24, 2022

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In this build time session, we're building a teacher evaluation workflow!

What is a teacher evaluation workflow?

Teacher evaluation is a process for schools to perform a formal evaluation of their teachers on a yearly basis. This both a requirement in certain state, and a growth opportunity for teachers to get feedback over what's working well and what could be improved.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, there are two primary parties involved: teachers, and principals. The Principal is responsible for the evaluation, and will be completing an evaluation form to kick start the process. From there, teachers get notified of the evaluation and have an opportunity to review the results. If everything looks good, they can approve the evaluation and the process is over. However, there's also an opportunity to appeal the review and provide some context for the appeal (e.g. in text form, or by uploading documents). In that case, the review is sent back to the principal for review where a final decision is made.

Why use Flowdash?

This workflow involves some data entry (evaluation form), some back-and-forth between multiple parties (teacher & principal), along with an approval process. Using Flowdash, we'll streamline this process with a focus on productivity, keeping all the information secure, while maintaining an audit log. The alternative is often a hard to manage set of google sheets, forms, and emails: we can do better :)If you enjoy this build time video, please subscribe and let us know what to build next.

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