B2B Supply Chain

Vendor Collaboration

Today's products and services are often part of a much larger and more complex supply chain. Suppliers and distributors need to work together efficiently to ensure high-quality products reach their customers on time. But each of these vendors often uses different systems, and their data lives in information silos, leaving teams to manage the relationship through spreadsheets and email.

This doesn't scale. Before you know it, orders slip through the cracks, inventory systems get out-of-sync, and ultimately your customers are unhappy.

With Flowdash, you can create a shared workflow with each of your partners with predefined steps. That means less email, fewer tasks falling through the cracks, and happier customers.

All your Vendors in one Place

Create a shared workflow for each of your vendors. No need to get them full access to your data.

Collaborate with Ease

When you're in the same system, everyone can see the big picture and built-in notes made it simple to collaborate. No more jumping between systems and relaying info over email and phone calls.

Your Data, Your Way

Only share the data you want to share. Data types help you keep your data clean and organized, and you can add or remove fields at any time.