Making the world more productive by enabling everyone to build software.

We’re on a mission to improve the world's operational efficiency by making it easy to build applications without code. We're building a future where individuals within every organization are empowered to create the tools they need — the tools they deserve.

Beyond tracking, one place for all your work.

While we love productivity software, we believe it's broken for most organization's complex workflows. Fundamentally, there is a disconnect between where the work is tracked (task tracking), where the context for the task lives (3rd party apps), and where the actual work takes place (internal tool). The constant jumping between tools leads to mistakes, wasted time, and unhappy teams. The alternative? Months of costly engineering time building a bespoke solution.

There has to be a better way, and that's why we've created Flowdash.

Meet the team

Our team has extensive experience building delightful software, and scaling operations at fast-growing companies.

Omar Skalli

Founder & CEO

Nick Gervasi

Founder & CTO

Jeff Kwan

Software Engineer

Tanner Johnson

Software Engineer

Nina Wei

Product Designer

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