Behind software there are people

We’re on a mission to serve them.

Behind most of the software we use daily, there are people. Passionate individuals on a mission to serve, day after day, handling manual tasks so customers don't have to. Serving customers is a rewarding endeavor — working with inadequate tooling isn’t. It's frustrating.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to bring happiness back to the workplace by changing the way people create software. We’re making it easier to build applications without code so that individuals within every organization are empowered to create the tools they need — the tools they deserve. Does this resonate with you? We're hiring!


With over 10 years of operational experience, combined with 20 years in software development, no other team is better equipped to empower teams all over the world with better tools.

Omar Skalli, Co-Founder and CEO of Flowdash
Omar Skalli
Co-Founder & CEO
Nick Gervasi, Co-Founder and CTO of Flowdash
Nick Gervasi
Co-Founder & CTO