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Streamline your operations with a single line of code.

Flowdash automatically creates tasks from your database and gives your team a complete interface to assign, track, and resolve tasks.

Matt - CEO & Co-founder of Blastable

Flowdash was exactly what we needed for our internal review and approval queues and a great alternative to building our own custom tool for this. The flexibility and built-in features makes it easy for us to continuously improve our workflows.

Matt Rajcok
Founder & CEO, Blastable
Faster than building in house
48 hours
Engineering time saved
Increase in agent productivity

Create tasks from a SQL query

Automatically create and assign tasks when records are added to your database.

Query your database directly from FlowdashFlowdash new workflow tasks page

Visually design your process

Define a clear and repeatable process for resolving tasks.

Add constraints, checklists, and integrations with your existing systems.

Bring in contextual information

Our drag-and-drop interface builder helps you bring all the information your team needs into one view, avoiding costly context switching between tools.

Flowdash layout builder with custom blocks
Flowdash slack alert action step

Increase efficiency with automation

Increase productivity using automation to auto-assign owners, make API calls, send emails, and more.

With automation, your team only focuses on what matters.

Invite your team and collaborate

Keep everyone aligned with task ownership, checklists, and built-in activity log.

Flowdash scales with your company with granular permissions, SSO, and on-premise deployment.

Flowdash task viewFlowdash collaboration feature: comments
Flowdash http action setup

Take action and close the loop

Resolve tasks directly from Flowdash with actions. Configure actions to trigger webhooks and keep your systems in sync.

With actions, tasks aren't only marked as done. They actually are!

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