The most flexible platform for teams to manage, track, and complete work.

Task management software that fits your business perfectly. Save time. Get more done. Celebrate 😎

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Customize your task view and provide contextual information to your team.

Customize your task view.

Create custom interfaces that bring the relevant information your team needs, and a simple way to take action.

Build complex workflows, simply.

Every team has a unique process for handling and resolving tasks. Use an out-of-the-box workflow, or customize to match the way your team works.
Define your workflow to manage work the way that works for you.
Automate mundane tasks and focus on the one that require unique human intuition


Loop in humans when you need them; automate everything else.
Integrate Flowdash directly with existing 3rd party application you use (e.g. Slack, Sendgrid, Salesforce, Stripe, and more)

Designed for developers.

Flowdash is highly hackable, so you're never limited by what's available out of the box. If you can write it with JavaScript and an API, you can build it in Flowdash.
Developers love Flowdash for its powerful API, Webhooks, and Database integrations.

You're in great company.

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Engineering Lead, AngelList

“One tech savvy ops member built a whole process in a day. And his team now uses Flowdash for their entire investment process management. Things move faster and we’re not a bottleneck anymore.”

Director of Revenue, NOCD

“One of my billers said that she was able to enter in the same amount of claims that usually takes her 4 hours in 2 hours today!”

Co-Founder & COO, Keeper Tax

“We run an operationally intense business, and Flowdash was exactly what we needed to streamline most of our manual processes.”

Built for endless uses.

If there's work to do and a team to do it, we're a match.

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