Finally, a tool your
team will love.

Flowdash helps you quickly build internal tools to track and execute human-in-the-loop workflows.

Get up and running, fast.

Focus on your business logic — define work that needs to get done, and how decisions make their way back to your core application. Flowdash handles the rest, letting you invite team members, assign owners, and collaborate within the context of each task.

Because we eliminate the need to build complex user interfaces, you can get up and running with Flowdash in just a couple of minutes.

Built-in flexibility

Your business is unique, your tools should be too. With Flowdash, you can model your data and workflow to how you really work.

Because your business logic is decoupled from your process, you can fine-tune and customize your process over time without having to change your back-end.

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Integrates with the tools you already love

Your team relies on multiple tools to serve your customers. Whether it's sending an email, triggering slack alerts, or scheduling tasks from your database — Flowdash makes it easy to orchestrate all your integrations in one place.

Designed to scale with you

Reduce ongoing maintenance as your team scales. Your ops team can iterate and improve their workflow over time, with no engineering involvement.

What's more, Flowdash provides many of the building blocks operations teams need, such as task assignment, activity log, and analytics, so you don’t have to build them yourself.

Don't take our word for it

"Flowdash allows us to automate time-consuming tasks with the click of a button. Their API is easy to use and their customer service is incredible."

Calvin Usiri
"We run an operationally intense business, and Flowdash was exactly what we needed to streamline most of our manual processes."

David Kang
Keeper Tax
"Flowdash has allowed us to greatly improve our human in the loop processes. We’ve saved many hours of work while increasing throughput and transparency."

Chris Lu
ESO Fund

Spend less time building human-in-the-loop workflows.