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The fastest way to build
semi-automated workflows

Spend less time building custom tools, or working with software too generic for your unique business processes. Empower your operations teams to get better workflows, faster, that drive your business forward.

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Personalize your business operations without writing code

One place to manage your processes, collaborate with your team, and automate repeatable tasks.

Spreadsheets on steroids

Your data, your way

Imagine a powerful database with the flexibility of a spreadsheet at your fingertips. Ensure you data stays clean with accurate data types. Also, track every change made with our detailed audit log.

Your business is unique, your data should be too.

Process driven workflows

Establish a clear process for your team

Provide your teams with a clear process for how work should get done. Maintain instant visibility over the team's progress through workflow stages. Finally, checklists ensure a reliable and consistent procedure is followed.

Best of all, divide and conquer work by assigning owners to every task. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Customizable 360-degree view

Bring all relevant information in a single view

Stop jumping between tabs to complete a single task. Easily build powerful pages with all relevant information readily accessible. We can also enrich your existing data with a simple click.

You won't know how good it is until you try it.

Integrate and automate

Connect with over 1,000+ apps you already love

Our Zapier integration makes it easy to orchestrate all your services from a single place.

Don't take our word for it

Here's what our customers are saying about Flowdash

"We run an operationally intense business, and Flowdash was exactly what we needed to streamline most of our manual processes."

David Kang
Co-founder, Keeper Tax

"Flowdash has allowed us to greatly improve our human in the loop processes. We’ve saved many hours of work while increasing throughput and transparency."

Chris Lu
Investor, ESO Fund

"Flowdash was exactly what we needed for our internal review and approval queues and a great alternative to building our own custom tool for this. The flexibility, out of the box features, and straightforward API make it easy for us to continuously improve our workflows."

Matt Rajcok
CEO, Blastable